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Sep 21, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> still ahead, apparently she juut couldn't get enough. -hat lindsay lohand thattcould send her back to the slammer. >>> calling the fashion police. you thought that the last week worst vma foe pho was th w to top the charts nd child star may have to pay the price. >>> the star power must run in the family because jada pink ethas taken the world by storm with hee new song wiih my hair. she already has a video teaser and shh sings compared to ri hanna. i'm not suue if that is good for bad for r ri hanna. power coople bbionie!! beyonce e books. they made $122 million. they're the guinness book biggest cover couple. michael jackson was of the most searched male, and miley sire ruscyrusmadeeit. >>> i beelike he like her, and e is making the come back. she is tte queen bee, so we know %-what the heck did she do to hr face? i swear, i ttought it was janet3 jackson when i first looked aa3 it. i thought maybe she had somebody fix that joan rivers look she had going on. now 'lil kii looks like lilú penny all grown up. >>> lindsay lohan hasscomm clean tooher fans abou
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
let out that the lindsay lohan's jail jumper is for free. ⌞> she only wwars it forr3 miiutes..3 >>> i don't understand why she doesn't stay in jail. stay innjail for 30 days and then o to rehab. >> it doesn't apply to her. she gets off every time. >> if the judges areeso lenient. she issnot taking it seriously, -o onn is taking ittserioosly. >> on to the weather. >>> heck yourself beforeeyou wreck where you are self. she is going to wreck yourrelf and then she checks hersslf n.3 here is what happening weather wise. -e have weather this morning. -- rain this morning. -0 degrees for tte high and 73 tomorrrw for the igh temperature with partty cloudy skies, and rain possible on thursday as the tropical system coming up the coast could bring us rainnthere. 73 degrees n friday and the >> football weather.eekknd. >> it is, actually. yeah, feeling more like that. >> one of fox's new season is bbck. ú%ee is back. ú%th century fox is back %-can you win a copyright nowwif yyu're the 4th or 5th caller at (410)481-4545. and don't forget you can see glee tonight at 8:00 here on fox 455 >>> okay.
Sep 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
much. >> my pleasure. >>> coming up in the 7:00 hour, she is headed acc to the chances lindsay lohan's court ú%pearancc today could land her back in tteeslammer. >> some kind of freedom fighter. years in the making.úome back 23 we take you inside wall street >>> 23 years after the origiial wall street, michael douglas rrunites with the director oliver stone for alwall street money never sleeps. he is let back out of prison and let back intt hii playground. it's like selling crack to kids on a lay ground. ú% while trying to repair his relationship with his ddughter, he aligns himself with a new trader played by shea wwl le bu. >> wall street money neverr3 sleeps is rated pg13. brother is about to mary er old high school bully and sets out toosabotage the proceedings. a talented veteran cooedians, upstage. segorny weaver gets o dig their claws into one another.ú >> as lonn as they keep asking >> she stars at bell's grandmother. >> we need a tight eal. ú% you again, is rated pg13. >>> the visionary behind 300 and ú%e watch mmn brings his newest %-guardians.ion to legends of >>> righ
Sep 3, 2010 6:00am EDT
. %-the movie including robert de niro, jessica alba and lindsay lohan. machete is rated r. >>> george clooney plays an assassin in his latest ppoject. >> he meets a woman hat could %-end of them.s oul or be the the american is rated r..3 lighter, justin long and drew berry more on going the distance. >> i wiil be here and you willú be there, we're going the diitance. i'm crazy about you. >> a chance encounter in new york city, leads to a summer lonn love affair. when the summer ends one stays ddstance relatiooshii. going the distance is rated r. >>> tilllto come, it is your >> it's the moment that i have been ♪ >> stay tuned to win our laat pair of justin bieber tickets. ⌞>> and winds gustssnow reaching more than 20 miles an hour here at ocean ccty. i'm megan gilliland. the impact hurricane earl other having on us. the marrlann state fair where, yes, you can see the animall, you can eaa the ood. you can also winsome things. howwabout a jersey? all you have to do >>> noon fox 45 morning news. -p>>> you hear all of these nois and you know what they are. ú%ese are houses and trees
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4